General Informations

Location de voiture Kia Picanto à St Martin / Sint Maarten, SXM

– By email via
– By Phone in French (+59) 0690 887 333
– We would need your credit card infos to make your reservations (You will not be charged)

– Payment can be made at reservation time by creditcard Visa or Mastercard

– Payment at your arrival and before taking the vehicle, only by credit card Visa or Mastercard or by cash

– the 4% local tax is not included in the rate

– Reference of a credit card is mandatory for the deductible

– No payment by cheque

– The rental contract is made at the delivery of the vehicle.
– The name appearing on the reservation file must be that of the main driver. He must be present at the signing of the contract and he is the person
designated to handle all rental fees.
– the renter remains the ONLY person liable for the vehicle
– There maybe 1 additional driver
– The driving licences are mandatory for all vehicle rentals.

– Insurance is included
– The insurance includes a deductible that remains at the charge of the renter in case of damage caused to the rented vehicle (Theft of vehicle or damages caused). It amount is from 800 euros to 1500 euros
– A reduced deductible can be applied on payment of 10 euros for extra fees per rental day, decreasing the amount of the deductible to 750 euros
– Upscale bank cards such as Visa First and Business, Gold Mastercard and Business, Visa Infinite… exempt from additional insurance and cover the entire amount of deductible in case the payment is made with one of thesecards, and such, necessarily before taking the vehicle in charge. (check with your bank for the vehicle categories)

– Vehicles are delivered in perfect running condition, clean and with a full fuel tank.
– A check of the general state of the vehicle is notified on the rental contract, at the beginning of the rental as well as on return of the vehicle turned in at the end of the rental period.
– The missing fuel at the restitution of the vehicle will be billed for the difference, remaining at the charge of the hirer designated on the rental contract with an additionnal 10 euros service fee.
– All vehicles are delivered with a spare tyre and its tools, or properly equipped with a “repair and inflating kit”. If one of the elements or all of its equipments are missing on return of the vehicle, they will be replaced on payment of a detailed invoice paid or charged to the designated hirer mentioned on the rental contract.
– The same goes for vehicles equipped with “anti-theftnuts” and a dissembling cap situated under the spare tyre and which in case of loss will require the changing of all the protections attached to the 4 wheels of the rented vehicle, the replacement of this equipment will be carried out on payment of a detailed invoice paid or charged to the designated hirer mentioned on the rental contract.
– A cleaning additional charge of 20 euros will be applied for vehicles returned in a very untidy state inside, (inside and trunk of vehicle).
– The delivery and return of vehicles is free of charge 7 days out of 7, and such until 8:00 p.m.
– After 8:00 p.m. an additional charge for exceptional transfer will be applied according to the duration of the mission requested and billed at a flat rate of 20 euros an hour
– The same goes for reservations for which the time of arrival or the destination arranged at reservation would be post poned and which would not be sufficiently in advance notified to the rental agency, preventing the latter from carrying out its welcoming mission under the reservation conditions initially concluded.
Under these conditions, an additional charge of 20 euros per transfer hour will then be applied for the new transfer or trip to put in place.

– Cancellations have to be done via email at;

– for less than a 3 daysrental, in case of cancellation with in less than 48 hours, one rental day will be hold on the credit carda t the normal rate of a day to the category

– For all other rentals, in case of cancellations with in less than 5 days, 30% of the amount of the rental will be hold on the creditcard.

-for all cancellations the day of arrival and « no show », the totality of the rental amount will be hold on the creditcard

– Rentals that have started are not reimbursed or discounted in case the designated renter discontinues the contract; the totality of the rental remaining acquired by Kangourou Car

– For further information, please contact us by e-mail

Kangourou Car's Hightlights :

More comfort !

More services !

Unlimited kilometers
Baby seat & booster seat available upon request
Free map of the island upon the arrival
Kangourou Car desk at Grand Case airport
Car delivery at Juliana airport or at your vacation rental or your hotel.
Rachat partiel de franchise pour 10 euros par jour
Transfert (on reservation)
For longer rental duration we offer a special discount- contact us.